and occasionally a truculent young bull would snarl a warning

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2. William, a Captain in the 25th Regiment. He died before his father, unmarried, in 1764.

and occasionally a truculent young bull would snarl a warning

4. Alexander, who died unmarried before his father, in 1765.

and occasionally a truculent young bull would snarl a warning

5. John, who succeeded his father in Allangrange.

and occasionally a truculent young bull would snarl a warning

6. Margaret, who, as his second wife, married Alexander Chisholm, XXII. of Chisholm, with issue, and carried on the succession of that family.

7. Isobell, who married Simon Mackenzie of Langwell, a Captain in the 4th Regiment (marriage contract 1767), with issue.

8. Mary, who married Kenneth Chisholm, Fasnakyle, a cadet of Knockfin, with issue--Margaret, who married John Chisholm, Comar. George had six other daughters--Anne, Janet, Susanna, Lilias, Ann, Barbara, and Elizabeth, all of whom died young or unmarried.

He died in 1773, when he was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

III. JOHN MACKENZIE, third of Allangrange, who at an early age was appointed Examiner of Customs in Edinburgh. He married, first, Catherine, eldest daughter and co-heiress of James Falconer of Monkton (marriage contract 1781), and grand-daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Halkerton and the Hon. Jane Falconer. By the acquisition of his wife's fortune John was able to devote himself to his favourite agricultural pursuits, in which he was eminently successful in his day. By his wife, who died in 1790, he left issue--


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