It is well for Tarzan that he did not guess the truth,

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George was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

It is well for Tarzan that he did not guess the truth,

V. KENNETH MACKENZIE, fifth of Dundonnel, who, in 1817, married Isabella, daughter of Donald Roy of Treeton, without issue. He left the estate by will to his brother-in-law, Robert Roy, W.S., who, however, lost it after a long and costly litigation with Kenneth's brother,

It is well for Tarzan that he did not guess the truth,

VI. THOMAS MACKENZIE, sixth of Dundonnel, who was financially ruined by the litigation in the case, and the property had to be sold in 1835, to meet the costs of the trial. It was bought by Murdo Munro-Mackenzie of Ardross, grandfather of the present owner, Hugh Mackenzie of Dundonnel, and of Bundanon, Shoulhaven, New South Wales. Thomas married his cousin, Anne, eldest daughter of Alexander, VI. of Ord, with issue--

It is well for Tarzan that he did not guess the truth,

1. George Alexander, who became the representative of the family on the death of his father.

2. Thomas, who emigrated to California, and of whose issue, if any, nothing is known.

3. John Hope, who for some time resided at Tarradale House, Ross-shire.

4. Helen, who married the Hon. Justice Charles Henry Stewart of Ceylon, without issue.

5. Isabella, who resided in Elgin, unmarried.


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