Later in the day the scent of a deer sent Tarzan into the

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Alexander died at Lasswade in 1840, and was succeeded as representative of the family by his eldest son,

Later in the day the scent of a deer sent Tarzan into the

XII. JOHN MACKENZIE, Colonel of the 7th Regiment of Bengal Cavalry, and for many years Superintendent of the Government breeding stud at Buxar, India. He married, in 1813, his cousin, Elizabeth, daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie of Inverinate, W.S., with issue--

Later in the day the scent of a deer sent Tarzan into the

1. Alexander, who succeeded him as representative of the family.

Later in the day the scent of a deer sent Tarzan into the

2. Kenneth, who succeeded his brother Alexander.

3. Mary, who married Dr James of the 30th Regiment, without issue.

4. Anne, who married General Arthur Hall of the 5th Bengal Cavalry, with issue.

5. Elizabeth Jane, who died unmarried.

Colonel John died at Simla in 1856, when he was succeeded as representative of the family by his eldest son,


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house, as hath been said, both before trial and after condemnation,

had never wavered, and which ought never to have been questioned

Marlborough’s and my Lord Sunderland’s, and many of

but he had not been as idle as he appeared to have been.

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Viscount turned round his sick eyes towards Esmond. It

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stars and waiting. He had lain thus and there many nights

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Westbury; “but if my Lord Mohun were a commoner, I would

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After the sending of this letter, the poor young fellow’s

When off duty there, Captain Dick often came to console

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“My dearest master!” Esmond said, kneeling down, and

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In three strides he found his foot splashing in water.

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Chapter 2 I Come to the End of My Captivity, But Not of

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“Take back your hand — do not touch me with it!”

appeared to change her. But fortune, good or ill, as I

he might propose to himself; but that on this side of the

fit, often wandering along in the great flower garden that

bear the tidings to Castlewood. He could not face his mistress

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