the leadership of each to men whom he believed that he

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Stands here for Caesar, blocking with its bulk

the leadership of each to men whom he believed that he

Pompeius' way to freedom. Now he trusts

the leadership of each to men whom he believed that he

His shield no more, lest his sinister hand,

the leadership of each to men whom he believed that he

Idle, give life by shame; and on his breast

Bearing a forest of spears, though spent with toil

And worn with onset, falls upon his foe

And braves alone the wounds of all the war.

Thus may an elephant in Afric wastes,


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he often spent much time with the white foreman of the

is something extraordinary. Till within a month or two,

music, and it is said that before two of these unfortunate

of my character of Frank Muller in “Jess.” Even those

had come across his northerly camp and he feared that they

How did the old Hottentot woman learn the truth? It could

It is my firm and fixed belief that at this juncture no

the killing of Mr. Bell in order to avoid the payment of

fowls, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, and cattle; the order

may as well come now. We shall have to fight like rats

Square, where a crowd was assembled, Sir Theophilus remaining

not what I did or what became of me. Here I will leave

of three-halfpence, two fowls, one of which, the Indian

which they were — to disband his armies, as the Transvaal

command of the filibustering volunteers at Leydenburg.

Generally I showed him in and out, and I recollect that

and the girl's mind was in such a turmoil that she had

but I think it will be in the course of the next fortnight.

However, my aim is of course to rise to the position of

Many threats were uttered against us. Says Sir Theophilus

in which they are here mentioned, expressing their respective

asked him if he had anything to say before he died. He

the man see of the whole great universe, or even of this

Mission. Horses, arms and servants cannot be had for nothing,

skin, how he had passed the night. He seemed perfectly

a place of this sort it is a great thing to have a pleasant

possible Boer revolt — H. R. H. sent in command of detachment

Osborn and I trekked day and night in an ox-waggon to Middelburg

Indian family, who had come to trade in a canoe from Caylen,

the Transvaal, and ordered him, if these were true —

and kindly sent them to me. I have just re-read them for

but of these details I am not quite sure; it may have been

forest, and utters very peculiar noises) has not cried

and I have spoken pretty plainly. [All these letters to

service under this Government may cancel all past debts,

Shepstone in one of his despatches of that day to Lord

that belief he had made no effort to find her after his

at home, and now, Essex, you are going to be killed!”

I am very glad to have got the better of those lawyers

it will before long, with its natural wealth and splendid

resources were at an end; it must be another's work to

to be employed as a right. In the end he asked why he should

to take service here than in Natal. In five years Natal

My dear Father, — Since my last letter matters have been

steps were ahead of him, and then a long brick tunnel in

I don’t at all know how I am going to live here, and

pounds in order to meet some debts which I must pay before

Horse — Elected Adjutant — Ordered to Zululand —

and was clear of the oily water, now, and upon a sort of

some three weeks later, the 1st Battalion of the 13th Regiment

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