With his crude stone knife he cut a juicy steak from the

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Thus the line of George, second Earl of Seaforth, who died in 1633, became extinct; and the reader must therefore now accompany us back to Kenneth Mor, the third Earl, to pick up the chain of legitimate succession. It has been already shown that the lineal descent of the original line of Kintail was diverted from heirs male in the person of Anna, Countess of Balcarres, daughter of Colin, first Earl of Seaforth. Kenneth Mor, the third Earl, had four sons--(1) Kenneth Og, his heir and successor, whose line terminated in Lady Caroline, as above; (2) John of Assynt, whose only son, Alexander, had an only son Kenneth, who died in 1723 without issue; (3) Hugh, who died young; and (4) Colonel Alexander, afterwards designated of Assynt and Conansbay, who, as his second wife, married Elizabeth, daughter of John Paterson, Bishop of Ross, and sister of John Paterson, Archbishop of Glasgow. Colonel Alexander had no issue by his first wife, but by the second he had an only son and six daughters. The daughters were (1) Isabella, who married Basil Hamilton of Baldoon, became the mother of Dunbar, fourth Earl of Selkirk, and died in 1725; (2) Frances, who married her cousin, Kenneth Mackenzie of Assynt, without issue; (3) Jane, who married Dr Mackenzie, a cadet of Coul, and died at New Tarbat, on the 18th of September, 1776; (4) Mary, who married Captain Dougall Stuart of Blairhall, a Lord of Session and Justiciary, and brother of the first Earl of Bute, with issue; (5) Elizabeth, who died unmarried at Kirkcudbright, on the 12th of March, 1796, aged 81; and (6) Maria, who married Nicholas Price of Saintfield, County Down, Ireland, with issue. She was maid of honour to Queen Caroline, and died in 1732. Colonel Alexander's only son was Major William Mackenzie, who died on the 12th of March, 1770.

With his crude stone knife he cut a juicy steak from the

He married Mary, daughter and co-heir of Matthew Humberston, Lincoln, with issue, two sons--(1) Thomas Frederick Mackenzie, Colonel of the 100th Regiment of foot, who assumed the name of Humberston in addition to his own on succeeding to his mother's property; and (2) Francis Humberston Mackenzie. Both of Major William's sons ultimately succeeded to the Seaforth estates. He had also four daughters--(1) Frances Cerjat, who married Sir Vicary Gibbs, M.P., his Majesty's Attorney-General, with issue; (2) Maria Rebecca, who married Alexander Mackenzie of Breda, younger son of James Mackenzie, III. of Highfield, with issue, six sons--William, a Lieutenant in the 78th Highlanders, who died at Breda, in Holland, from a wound which he received on the previous day at the taking of Merxein, in 1814 Thomas, a Midshipman, R.N., drowned at sea; Frederick, R.N., murdered at Calcutta in 1820; Francis, R.N., drowned at sea in 1828; and Colin, all without issue; also Captain Alexander, of the 25th Regiment, subsequently Adjutant of the Ross-shire Militia, who married Lilias Dunbar, daughter of James Fowler of Raddery, with issue--James Evan Fowler, who died unmarried; Alexander, now residing at Fortrose, and three daughters who died unmarried; (3) Elizabeth, who died without issue; and (4) Helen, who married Major-General Alexander Mackenzie-Fraser of Inverallochy, fourth son of Colin Mackenzie, VI. of Kilcoy, Colonel of the 78th Regiment, and M.P. for the County of Ross, with issue.

With his crude stone knife he cut a juicy steak from the

Major William died on the 12th of March, 1770, at Stafford, Lincolnshire. His wife died on the 19th of February, 1813, at Hartley, Herts. His eldest son, Colonel Thomas Frederick Mackenzie-Humberston, it will be seen, thus became male heir to his cousin, Earl Kenneth, who died, without male issue, in 1781. The Earl, finding his property heavily encumbered with debts from which he could not extricate himself, conveyed the estates to his cousin and heir male, Colonel Thomas, in 1779, on payment of ?00,000. Earl Kenneth died, as already stated, in 1781, and was succeeded by his cousin,

With his crude stone knife he cut a juicy steak from the


In all his estates, and in the command of the 78th Ross-shire Highland Regiment, but not in the titles and dignities, which terminated with his predecessor. When the 78th was raised, in 1778, Thomas Frederick Mackenzie-Humberston was a captain in the 1st Regiment of Dragoon Guards, but he gave this up and accepted a captaincy in Seaforth's regiment of Ross-shire Highlanders. He was afterwards quartered with the latter in Jersey, and took a prominent share in repelling the attack made on that island by the French. On the 2nd of September, 1780, he was appointed from the 78th as Lieutenant-Colonel-Commandant of the 100th Foot. In 1781 he embarked with this regiment to the East Indies, and was at Port Preya when the outward bound East India fleet under Commodore Johnston was attacked by the French He happened at the time to be ashore, but such was his ardour to share in the action that he swam to one of the ships engaged with the enemy. Immediately on his arrival in India he obtained a separate command on the Malabar Coast, but in its exercise he met with every possible discouragement from the Council of Bombay.

This, however, only gave a man of his spirit greater opportunity of distinguishing himself, for, under all the disadvantages of having funds, stores, and reinforcements withheld from him, he undertook, with 1000 Europeans and 2500 Sepoys to wage an offensive war against Calicut. He was conscious of great personal resources, and harmony, confidence, and attachment on the part of his officers and men. He finally drove the enemy out of the country, defeated them in three different engagements, took the city of Calicut, and every other place of strength in the kingdom.

He concluded a treaty with the King of Travancore, who was reinforced by a body of 1200 men. Tippoo then proceeded against him with an army of 30,000, more than one-third of them cavalry; Colonel Mackenzie-Humberston repelled their attack, and by a rapid march regained the Fort of Panami, which the enemy attempted to carry, but he defeated them with great loss. He served under General Matthews against Hyder Ali in 1782; but during the operations of that campaign, Matthews gave such proofs of incapacity and injustice, that Colonels Macleod and Humberston carried their complaints to the Council of Bombay, where they arrived on the 26th of February, 1783. The Council ordered General Matthews to be superseded, appointed Colonel Macleod to succeed him in command of the army, and desired Colonel Humberston to join him. They both sailed from Bombay on the 5th of April, 1783, in the Ranger sloop of war; but, notwithstanding that peace had been concluded with the Mahrattas, their ship was attacked on the 8th of that month by the Mahratta fleet, and after a desperate resistance of four hours, captured. All the officers on board were either killed or wounded, among them the young and gallant Colonel Mackenzie-Humberston, who was shot through the body with a four pound ball, and he died of the wound at Geriah, on the 30th April, 1783, in the 28th year of his age. A fine monument is erected to his memory in Fortrose Cathedral. He had only been Chief of the Clan for two years, and, dying unmarried, he was succeeded as head of the house and in the family estates by his next and only lawful brother, [Douglas' Peerage.

He had a natural son, Captain Humberston Mackenzie, of the 78th, killed at the storming of Ahmadnugger, on the 8th of August, 1803.]


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