Scarcely had he touched the sleek hide of the deer with

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Shortly after the battle of Culloden a fleet of ships appeared off the coast of Lochbroom, under the command of Captain Fergusson. They dropped anchor at Loch-Ceannard, when a large party went ashore and proceeded up the Strath to the residence of Mr Mackenzie of Langwell, connected by marriage with the Earl of Cromarty. Langwell having supported the Prince, fled out of the hated Fergusson's way; but his lady was obliged to remain at home to attend to a large family of young children, who were at the time laid up with smallpox. The house was ransacked. A large chest containing the family and other valuable papers, including a wadset of Langwell and Inchvannie from her relative, George, Earl of Cromarty, was burnt before her eyes; and about fifty head of fine Highland cattle were mangled by the swords and driven to the ships of the spoilers. Nor did this satisfy them. They committed similar depredations, without any discrimination between friend or foe, for eight days during which they remained in the neighbourhood. [New Statistical Account of Lochbroom.]

Scarcely had he touched the sleek hide of the deer with

It is well known that Mackenzie had strong Jacobite feelings although his own prudence and the influence of Lord President Forbes secured his support for the Government. "Though many respectable individuals of the Clan Mackenzie had warmly espoused the cause of Charles, Lord Fortrose seems at no time to have proclaimed openly for him, whatever hopes he might have countenanced when in personal communication with the expatriated Sovereign, as indeed there is cause to infer something of the kind from a letter which, towards the end of November, 1745, was addressed by Lord John Drummond to Kenneth, pressing him instantly to join the Prince, then successfully penetrating the West of England, and qualifying the invitation by observing that it was the only mode for his Lordship to retrieve his character. Yet so little did Fortrose or his immediate followers affect the cause, that when Lord Lovat blockaded Fort-Augustus, two companies of Mackenzies, which bad been stationed at Brahan, were withdrawn, and posted by Lord Loudon, the commander-in-chief of the Government forces, at Castle Dounie, the stronghold of Fraser and, with the exception of these, the Royal party received no other support from the family of Seaforth, though many gentlemen of the clan served in the King's army. Yet it appears that a still greater number, with others whose ancestors identified themselves with the fortunes of the House of Kintail, were inclined to espouse the more venturous steps of the last of the Stuarts. George, the last Earl of Cromarty, being then paramount in power, and, probably so, in influence, even to the chief himself, having been, for certain reasons, liable to suspicions as to their disinterested nature, declared for Charles, and under his standard his own levy, with all the Jacobite adherents of the clan, ranged themselves, and were mainly instrumental in neutralizing Lord Loudon's and the Laird of Macleod's forces in the subsequent operations of 1746, driving them with the Lord President Forbes, to take shelter in the Isle of Skye." [Bennetsfield MS.]

Scarcely had he touched the sleek hide of the deer with

Kenneth married on the 11th of September, 1741, Lady Mary, eldest daughter of Alexander Stewart, sixth Earl of Galloway, with issue--

Scarcely had he touched the sleek hide of the deer with

I. Kenneth, his heir and successor.

II. Margaret, who on the 4th of June, married William Webb.

III. Mary, who married Henry Howard, of Effingham, with issue.

IV. Agnes, who married J. Douglas.

V. Catherine, who on the 1st of March, 1773, married Thomas Griffin Tarpley, student of medicine.


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