He noticed, however, that Akut kept always close to him,

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8. Eliza, who married Ludovic, son of Roderick Mackenzie, V. of Redcastle.

He noticed, however, that Akut kept always close to him,

9. Isobel, who married Murdoch Cameron, with issue, at Allangrange.

He noticed, however, that Akut kept always close to him,

Simon married, secondly, on the 28th of August, 1718, Susanna, daughter of Colonel Alexander Fraser of Kinneries, generally known as "the Coroner," with issue--

He noticed, however, that Akut kept always close to him,

10. Colin, who married a Miss Macdonald in Lochaber, with issue--William, who died unmarried in the West Indies; Susanna, who married a Mr Cameron, with issue; and a daughter, who died unmarried.

11. Alexander, a Doctor of Medicine, who died without issue, in Jamaica, in 1780.

12. Margaret, married Dr John Mackenzie of Newton, who died in 1759, with issue--Dr Simon of Mullet Hall, Jamaica, who there married Catherine, daughter of Samuel Gregory from Nairn; George; Roderick; Kenneth; and Isobel.

13. Frances, who married Lieutenant James Cumming of the Marines (marriage contract 1752), without issue.

15. Janet, both of whom died unmarried.


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might have noticed the reduced numbers of his following.

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day have to face a fresh Transvaal rebellion, only on a

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he had carried ever since he was a man — that same heavy,

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Also we made hay, rather a new departure in that district

in fact I think we are both in better health than when

Max gaining upon her, now, at every stride. There was a

favourable and unfavourable. One from the Daily News, which

Add to this the fact that they are all splendid shots,

Also about twenty thousand of our countrymen, among them

a quiet old man, who, in his appearance and manner of life,

he had carried ever since he was a man — that same heavy,

Cochrane is coming home with us on a trip. I am sorry to

and opinions exactly as you do in your letter of June 6th.

she had come to believe, since otherwise he would have

months. Some thousands of people were gathered there, many

himself at all. I am sure one of them will get blown up

and does dance and roll upon you and sit upon your head

good old blooms of northern Europe which My Dear had so

and doubtless still flows, a strong and beautiful spring

I shall be very glad if you can find time to let me hear

going to happen here. If it is war I only hope it will

the gunpowder was wanted for making a noise on their saint

to leave this place, as I repeat I think is probable. After

review it seriously. Some of these notices I still possess,

excuses must be made for the ruined and the shamed. They

church bell by guess. The arrival of our boats was a rare

and meddled with one of the safety-valves (the mill not

and had there been no war I think this would have developed

with a crash upon his head, happily however without hurting

had come across his northerly camp and he feared that they

steward and labourers stare. Indeed, when I tell the former

if there is any future for us mortals, and if Zulus and

I am glad to hear that your farm is going well. I hope

then directed the ray of the little lamp toward the further

the sale at the present moment, both here and in the Colonies,

Poor Sir George Colley has paid dearly for his rashness,

of which I was treating, and made precis of them, some

Korak fast was becoming but a memory. That he was dead

glasses I saw an unfortunate Kaffir barely escape with

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