the panther and a little above him. In his left hand he

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III. Julia Charlotte Sophia, who on the 8th of October, 1873, married, as his second wife, the Right Hon. Arthur, ninth Marquis of Tweeddale, who died in 1878, without issue. In 1887 she married, secondly, as his second wife, the Right Hon. Sir John Rose, Baronet, G.C.M.G., of Queensgate, London, who died in 1888, without issue. In 1892 she married, thirdly, Captain William Evans Gordon, without issue.

the panther and a little above him. In his left hand he

IV. Georgina Henrietta, who died young, on the 15th of October, 1868.

the panther and a little above him. In his left hand he

His first wife died in June, 1868. He married, secondly, on the 2nd of June, 1871, Alicia Almeira Bell, with issue--one daughter.

the panther and a little above him. In his left hand he

Keith Stewart Mackenzie died in June, 1881, when he was succeeded by his only son,


Who was born on the 9th of October, 1847, Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding the 9th Lancers, and now of Seaforth. He is still unmarried.

It has been shown at p. 343 that the male line of Colonel Alexander Mackenzie of Assynt, fourth son of Kenneth Mor, third Earl of Seaforth, became extinct on the death, in 1815, of Francis Humberston Mackenzie, who survived all his male issue. It has also been proved that the male line of George, second Earl of Seaforth, who died in 1651, terminated in Kenneth, XIX. of Kintail and sixth Earl of Seaforth, whose only child, Lady Caroline Mackenzie, formed an irregular union with Lewis Drummond, Count Melfort, a French nobleman. It was shown earlier, at p. 246, that the lineal representation of the original line of Kintail was diverted from heirs male in the person of Anna, Countess of Balcarres, eldest daughter of Colin, first Earl of Seaforth, who had no surviving male issue; and the male line of Colonel Mackenzie of Assynt having terminated in "The Last of the Seaforths," who died in 1815, we must go back beyond all these to an earlier collateral branch to pick up the legitimate male succession, and for ever dispose of the various unfounded claims hitherto made to the Chiefship of the clan.

Before the appearance of the former edition of this work there had been several claimants to this highly honourable position; and this is not to be wondered at, for whoever proves his right to the Chiefship of the Mackenzies establishes at the same time his right to the ancient honours of the house and Barons of Kintail. In an earlier part of the work, at p. 316, it is shown that the original title of Lord Mackenzie of Kintail did not come under the attainder of William, the fifth Earl, for the part which he took in the Rising of 1715, and therefore the Chief of the Mackenzies, as heir male of the first Lord Mackenzie of Kintail, is, in virtue of that position, we believe, entitled to assume that ancient title.


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