to his bow that he might dispatch the beast that otherwise

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THE MACKENZIES OF HILTON are descended from Alexander Mackenzie, VI. of Kintail, known among the Highlanders as "Alastair Ionraic," by his first wife, Anna, daughter of John Macdougall of Dunolly.

to his bow that he might dispatch the beast that otherwise

I. DUNCAN MACKENZIE, designated of Hilton, a barony situated in Strathbraan, bounded on the north by Loch Fannich, on the south by the ridge of the hills on the north side of Strathconan, on the east by Achnault, and on the west by Ledgowan. Duncan married a daughter of Ewen Cameron, XIII. of Lochiel, with issue--an only son, his heir and successor--

to his bow that he might dispatch the beast that otherwise

II. ALLAN MACKENZIE, second of Hilton, Loggie or Brea, from whom the family is known in Gaelic as "Clann Alain." He married a daughter of Alexander Dunbar of Conzie and Kilbuyack, third son of the Sheriff of Moray, with issue--

to his bow that he might dispatch the beast that otherwise

1. Murdoch, his heir and successor.

2. John, progenitor of the Mackenzies of Loggie.

3. Roderick, who married, with issue, an only daughter, Agnes, who married Alexander Mackenzie, II. of Killichrist, with issue.

4. Alastair, who married, with issue--a daughter, who married Roderick, son of Murdoch Mackenzie, III. of Achilty, with issue--the Rev. Murdo Mackenzie, Bishop of Ranfoe, in Ireland.

Allan's wife survived him, and married, as her second husband, Kenneth Mackenzie of Meikle Allan, now Allangrange, second son of Hector Roy Mackenzie, I. of Gairloch.


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kingdom, and then continue to rob and throttle your subjects

gate, but the apparatus was out of his reach, and he had

When he sees Leopold of Lutha ride into the capital of

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