long; for Tarzan from past experience knew that it might

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1. John Falconer, who succeeded his father, and died unmarried in 1849.

long; for Tarzan from past experience knew that it might

2. James Fowler, who succeeded his brother John.

long; for Tarzan from past experience knew that it might

3. George Thomas, who married Ethel Newman, London, without issue male.

long; for Tarzan from past experience knew that it might

4. Catherine Sophia, who died young.

George Falconer Mackenzie died in 1841, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

V. JOHN FALCONER MACKENZIE, fifth of Allangrange, who died unmarried in 1849, when he was succeeded by his next brother,

VI. JAMES FOWLER MACKENZIE, now of Allangrange, Chief of the Mackenzies, and heir male to the dormant honours and ancient titles of the historic family of Kintail and Seaforth. He is still unmarried, and it is much to be feared that after his death and that of his brother, George, who is without issue male, the Chiefship of this great Clan may go a-begging. The only member of the family whose male representation has not been proved extinct is Kenneth, third son of Simon, I. of Allangrange, born about two hundred years ago, and of whom or of his descendants, if any, nothing is known for two centuries. And trace of them is now scarcely within the region of possibility, even if in existence, which is extremely improbable.

The Hon. Simon Mackenzie of Lochslinn, seventh son of Kenneth, first Lord Mackenzie of Kintail, had by his first wife, three other sons--Thomas Mackenzie, I. of Loggie; John Mackenzie, I. of Inchcoulter or Balcony and Colin Mackenzie, Clerk to the Privy Council, but the male issue of all three has been proved extinct. He, however, married again; and it is among the descendants of the second marriage that the Chiefship of the Clan must be sought for should the heirs male of Allangrange at any time fail.


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